Our Thanks

to the following community-focused organizations that support the TreeBook Project and the arts in Kansas:

You want to help because…

Art is more than fun. Early childhood art education helps kids develop better motor skills sooner, aids in language development, and improves decision making. Americans for the Arts, among others, reports that research shows children who are involved in art and art programs have notably higher academic achievement than children who do not have the opportunity to participate in art programs.

Participating in the creation of art, whether music or visual arts, reduces stress. Prevention Magazine says that helping others also reduces stress! We all need a little more pay it forward and that is what this project is all about.

Everyone involved in the Tree Book Project has donated time and effort to our common goal of raising money for the charitable support of children’s art education in Kansas. We hope that you, as a book lover, tree lover, and art supporter, will join in our cause of raising $25,000 for children’s art education in Kansas.


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