25th Jan 2013
Erok Johanssen, Willow

Eroc Johanssen, Willow

I chose to paint the Weeping Willow because of its energy. When the wind blows, its branches sway in a way that makes you feel the tree could uproot and walk away anytime. It appears to be breathing. Pulsating with life. Even when its branches hang stagnant the tree maintains a heavy personality. It feels sad. Slumped over in defeat as if it has lost its final battle and the reality of failure has just sunk in. It is the two juxtaposing personifications that drew me to the Willow. The Willow, like its human counterpart, is exited and energetic one moment, glum and lethargic the next. The Willow represents the emotional roller-coaster we call life. Eroc Johanssen